About Ravi Nair

Ravi worked with the United States Government for 14 years and then moved to the private sector where he served in leadership position for 16 years.

These 3 decades, gave him ample opportunities to travel across the globe, and work with professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds and different walks of life.

Till date Ravi has to his credit more than 100 Live/Virtual workshops and about 1000 Coaching Hours.

Author of Amazon Best Seller -
'Weekend Miracle'

Ravi is also -

  • Alumnus of IIM's Lucknow
  • Founder & CEO - Rich Minds Centre of Excellence 
  • Co-Founder & Director - Teamedge Corporation (www.teamedge.in)
  • President - USIIC - United States Indian Importers Council (Facilitating US-India Trade)
  • Certified NLP Practitioner - Richard Bandler's Program 
In His Own Words

Most people are living in depression, poverty and anxiety because their energy centers are blocked, due to the emotional turbulance they experienced as they transited through various stages of their life. Let me share some chapters from my life –

(Age 10 years) - I was ridiculed by my teacher and friends for a stage performance. I did not realize that this incident had created an emotional block which infused the fear of public speaking in me.

(Age 16 years) -Teenage gave me my first rejection in relationship, leading me to believe that I am not good enough.

(Age 19 years) - As the captain of my college volley ball team I lost a crucial match miserably and this incident made me doubt my own Leadership Skills.

(Age 24 years) - I moved into the corporate world, office politics and conflicts piled up negative emotions, adding to the existing heap.

Though there were also innumerable amazing wow moments through my early stages of life, the accumulated negative emotions from the above and few other incidents, rooted themselves so deeply into my overall being, that it influenced my behaviour and decision making capabilities in the future.

Fortunately when I was 30, I found a Mentor and Guru, who led me on a spiritual journey for past 21 years and which still continues.

As a pre-requisite for this pilgrimage, one has to maintain a strict discipline for 41 days, during which one has to abstain from all addictions, non-vegetarian food and manage your negative emotions, which means you have to refrain from being angry, think negative. 

This spiritual trip has helped me to not only release my negative energy blocks, but also re-charge my Energy Centers or Chakras.

Subsequently I also mastered Reiki Energy Healing Techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other coaching modalities which helped me re-design and empower my overall Emotional Well Being.

I am Ravi Nair – Founder of Rich Minds and I am on a mission to teach people to tune into their emotions with intelligence and expand their Aura to attract abundance of Health, Wealth and Prosperity, so that they continue to experience positive emotions, irrespective of what comes and goes in their life, using the 8-Pillar Framework for Happiness, structured, designed and built on the foundation of Modern Psychology, Ancient Science and Spirituality.

This 30 second video is a compilation of some moments from my spiritual journey of 21 years.
I want to encourage you to find your own Emotional Detox and recharge your energy fields, so that you are able to live a happy and fulfilled life. 

Awards and Accolades
Guinness World Record

My passion for running, got my name into the Guinness World Records, after I successfully completed an Ultra Hill Marathon.

My maiden song, "Mind Body Affair" bagged the Bronze Medal at the Global Music Awards under the 'Best Lyrics' category.

I was conferred 'The Franklin Award' (named after Benjamin Franklin the founding father of the USA), by the US Government for Superior Performance.

The Rich Minds Centre of Excellence

Ravi Founded Rich Minds Centre of Excellence, dedicated and commited to Personal Transformation, by becoming a Champion at handling Emotions.

Till date more than 15,000 participants have benefitted from the various programs offered by Rich Minds.  

This video highlights the ideology behind Rich Minds.

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